The adoption fee for a cat or kitten adopted from NEWBURGH SCATS INC
is $100.00 this will provide you with a pet that has tested negative for Felv-Fiv
has already been spayed/neutered, wormed, Treated for earmites, and fleas and is now ready to find it's FOREVER HOME!!!
We do home deliver on every cat, we will bring this cat to your home, to help the cat and you make a this new experience easier for the cat and also help you get aquainted with your new pet. Being in a new surrounding  will be a little scary for the cat. 
     If for any reason this         adoption does not work,      this cat Must be returned back to Newburgh SCATS 
 No Scats cat is to be given away, taken to a shelter, or    ever be homeless Again.

Newburgh SCATS does not believe in indoor/outdoor situations for cats, declawing, or placing very young kittens into homes with children under the age of 5 years. On occasions we make exception about children  for specific cats/kittens. We never make exception on our declaw policy. If you have any intentions of letting a cat/kitten outside, or declawing it, please seek a companion from a different source.

Snow & Sylvester  (adopted  together)

The decision to adopt a pet is one of life's special high points - it is the beginning of an enriching and enduring friendship shared with a loving animal companion.

Unfortunately, what starts as adoption sometimes ends as abandonment, with owners deserting pets instead of seeking more humane solutions. Unable to fend for themselves, these discarded cats and dogs are subject to numerous stresses and hazards in the outdoor environment - predatory animals, traffic, human abuse, harsh weather, parasites, disease, poisonous plants and chemicals, and malnutrition.  Declawed cats are especially vulnerable. And if the pet is not spayed/neutered, unwanted pregnancy is another outcome, with litters born into miserable conditions and a high mortality rate.

Frightened and confused, abandoned pets may flee or hide, and can accidentally end up shut inside a shed or garage, all of which makes the possibility of rescue less likely. After much suffering, many die alone and forgotten on the street or may be euthanized at a shelter because there isn't enough space to accommodate all strays.
Please for the sake of these pets, before you decide to adopt. Make sure you are in there for the long haul. Some cats can live for 20 yrs. Think Twice Is this the Forever Home they deserve.

Katie & Charlie have been adopted together and doing GREAT
Newburgh SCATS inc
Simom & Bonnie abandoned at two different cat colonies,became great friends and have been                                 adopted together
 Frosty  now Rocco
Teddy Q-Tip
William St crew.  all adopted to the same family
Dexter & sisters
We had to have Buddys leg amputated due to a serious injury-now adopted into a                                                                  great  home