Newburgh Scats (Save Cats At Town Shelter) was formed by a group of concerned citizens in August 2000 when the previous administration of the Town of Newburgh decided that they would no longer allow cats at the shelter. Scats was started and there was a real catfight at every town hall meeting. We would be there along with all the shelter managers from the area, cat rescue groups, and all the town people that wanted the cats back in. Scats had petitions signed and received over 3000 signatures. "Not good enough" the board said. So when election time came around in Nov. 2001 a new administration was elected and the cat issue was resolved. 

With a change in shelter policy Newburgh SCATS also was ready to change. Some original members left with a job well done. And others came on board and Newburgh SCATS Inc. was formed. We realized in order to take care of the feral, abandoned cats in our town we needed the people in the town to support us. So we became a not-for-profit org. 501(C)) (3) and the fundraising efforts began and is still going on. 

We now take care of 12 feral cat colonies in and around the Town of Newburgh area. Many of the colonies we have already Spayed/Neutered and given shots to all the cats. Other colonies we still are trapping and Spay/Neutering these cats.We go and feed these cats every day. All the money we raise or is donated goes into our Medical Fund for Spay/Neutering, and helping sick & injured cats and kittens. When we find new feral colonies we go in and trap all the cats, get them Spayed/Neutered and give them their shots.  Then we release the feral cats back. The friendly cats or kittens we try to adopt out. We also have a Neighborhood Stray program where we help people spay or neuter the stray cats they are feeding out side their own homes. Our mission now is to Spay & Neuter as many abandoned/homeless/feral cats as possible. We also try to adopt out any abandoned cat we come across. 

We are a very small group with a very large heart. We could use people that are willing to become feeders at some of our colonies. Also we could use help in fostering and socializing some of these abandoned cats & kittens so they can find a home. 

We fund our organization thru donations from our friends that we have met along the way, also HUGE yardsales and Thrift Store sales.  All donations go into our medical fund. There are no paid members of SCAT'S. We are a 100% volunteer organization. 

Newburgh SCATS now stands simply for, "save cats". Newburgh SCATS is not a shelter. We are a rescue group that work out of our homes and foster homes. So when we are filled up there is no room to add new cats or kittens.
Newburgh SCATS Inc.

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