Here are some of the different groups of cats                   We care for and feed everyday,

      These cats are some of our colonie cats.
There are many more that will be posted. We feed them all everyday, because we love them and try to make their lives just a bit better. Some are too wild and set in their ways to ever live in a home. Others are dumped at our colonies. And if we have the room we will bring them in and do all medical necessary to find them a forever home. If they remain unadopted they live with us. We would never abandoned a cat that we  brought home for adoption. They will live in foster care and if they remain unadopted this will become the Forever Home they deserve. Many more cats are being abandoned at our colonies, and unfortunately we have no room to bring any more home. These new cats were pets, living inside and now do not know where to go or how to survive in the winter weather. But we can do only so much and spay/neuter them is the best we can do right now.  If you can offer to foster a cat or kitten E-Mail me  Kitten season is almost here.

  If you have a dog house or Igloo that you no longer need, 
please donate it to us for one of our cat colonies, All of our cats have shelters, but some could use something a little     warmer 
To contact Lil go to our home page and use the            E-Mail button

What is a Feral Cat colony and how on earth do they ever get started?

       Joe, down the street, comes home from work one night to find his child has brought home a kitten. Now what's not to love about a baby kitten? Joe says O.K., you can keep it as long as you take care of it. His child names this little ball of fur and fun Fluffy. Fluffy grows and flourishes under Joe's wife's care. Unfortunately she doesn't care enough to get Fluffy neutered or have regular health checks, Joe doesn't notice Fluffy and his child has outgrown the "fun". Fluffy reaches 7 months of age and his hormones come in with a vengeance. He begins spraying objects around the house to mark his territory and has taken to roaming the neighborhood at night looking for a little "action". Mrs. Joe becomes quite agitated at the constant urine smell and forces Fluffy to live outside, but Fluffy isn't giving up that easy. His next quest? Joe's car! One morning Joe is leaving for work and picks up a couple of car pool buddies. They make remarks about the ripe smell of his car and Joe arrives home that night in a rage. Fluffy is picked up, put in a carrier and driven to an empty lot just outside of town. He is dumped like excess garbage and the "Joe" family drives away not looking back.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the street the exact same scene has played out except this time the kitten is female. She has taken to yelling and crying all night, looking for Mr. Right. After two nights of missed sleep her family drives her to a spot very near Fluffy's where she too is dumped. These cats have become "homeless". They are someone's beloved pets who were dumped for any number of reasons. They now must forage for food and shelter from the elements. Somehow they find each other and since neither one was altered they make a family. Their kittens are Feral Cats. They do not know, nor will they probably ever know, humans. They do not get needed vaccinations, nor spay/neuter. They are left to make their own way in the world and through inbreeding, after about 3 generations, we will see the results in sick wild kittens that will never fit into society.

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These 2 cats were abandoned at one of our colonies,  They got sick because of the freezing  weather and this beautiful big boy was taken to the vets and ended up dying.  the other girl is now at my home.  She also could not deal with the weather.When a cat is not use to being outside this is what happens        

The male cat died  3 days after we found him  due to Hypothermia
The female lived 6 wk's before she also died due to pneumomia.  They both were new  to the colony and dumped there in the freezing cold winter and did not have the chance to get acclimated to the change 
Lorenna is a new windsor colony cat we have been feeding for about 7 yrs.