How Do you know this cat is spayed?

Check out the ear-- This is called ear-tipping and it now is the universal way for shelters and rescue organizations to know that this stray has already been spayed so she will not need to be stressed out being re-trapped and put under anesthesia  This works great for T-N-R
You now can tell what cats are done when you trap -neuter -and return them

Low Cost Spay/Neuter   $70.00
    TARA---- (The Animal Rights Alliance)       845-343-1000
                       Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic
Tara will spay/neuter, rabies shot, ear cleaning,and nail trimmed for $70.00
Your pet cat, the strays you have been feeding, even the litter of kittens you found living under your porch.
    They come to the Newburgh Walmart NOW every Monday
                        Walmart in  Monroe every Tuesday
                      Petco in Middletown every Wednesday
       You can even borrow the trap from them to catch the cat    Learn all about feral's, and how to trap so you can get them spayed/neutered  Everything feral, learn how to trap and care for a feral cat colony 
They have a home ---
            It's call Outdoors.

put your cursor on me     to trap me
Spay & Neuter
Cats should have nine lives----not nine litters
     I' am fixed
     your cats?
You must make a Appointment to have your cat done
Residents of Ulster County can have cats Spayed/Neutered at the Ulster County SPCA   The price of a Feral Cat in a trap is  $20.00
They also do pet cats for $65.00         this price does not include         Rabies,  distemper ear cleaning or nail trimmining        Call today for more info and to make your appt.
        located at                                   845-331-5377   
  20 Wiedy Road, Kingston               

The CATS living in the Town of Montgomery ,Walden,and Walkill are the Luckiest Cats in the area.  These towns are aware of the cat  overpopulation in their area and willing to work with Will Spay Pets & T.A.R.A. to do their part of preventing birth of kittens that are born only to die.
if you live in one of these towns you can go to your town hall and show proof that you are a resident and pay $25.00 and get a voucher to take to T.A.R.A and get any cat Fixed  what puts these  town ahead of the others is that they are is willing to help their residents with this ongoing problem  T-N-R is a real solution to this problem
   Thank you Town of Montgomery, Walden & Wallkill,  Will Spay Pets  And T.A.R.A.   Keep up the great job your doing