To send a donation by Mail, 
 Send it to              Newburgh SCATS Inc.        However  it gets here, It will
                               P.O.Box 10443                          be put to Good Use.
                               Newburgh, NY 12552
  It may not seem like much to you , But it's lifesaving medical treatment for our cats!

     There are NO paid employees working for Newburgh SCATS
    Every person is volunteering their time 

   Feed and monitor our colonies  daily                                         
    Trap and transport strays for Spay/Neuter.
    Do aftercare on S/N cats before they can be released back to the area they were trapped in.          

    Transport cats back and forth to the veterinarians for medical treatment.
    Rush to help in the emergency calls that we receive

     Foster Cats till they can be rehomed.                                               
      Go to adoptathons to try to find our homeless cats great indoor homes.

       Bottle feed orphan kittens with no moms .                                                                                                                                         To work at Fundraiser to help us with the cost of helping and maintaining all the strays/feral's that depend on us for a better life.                                                                       
All Donations we receive are used STRICLY for our Cats Medical  Care
Newburgh SCATS Inc.
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